Delivery Policy

Once finished the work for an order, We will deliver it to the buyer. When the buyer accepts  delivery, it will be marked as complete. If the buyer takes no action, the order will automatically be marked as complete five days after the due date.


What are revisions?

Revisions are the option to reject the delivery and allow them more time to include any feedback and changes needed on their delivered work.   It is an optional feature. When buyer offer revisions on our Gig, We always support the buyer’s request.

What does “rejected” mean?

When a buyer requests revisions on an order, the order’s status is updated to “rejected.”  it means that the buyer rejected the delivery and We need to make a new delivery with the changes requested. 

For buyers

  • Clearly communicate the changes you need to be done.
  • Make sure you click on the yes/no buttons (and answer the questions, even if they don’t apply 100% to your request), to make sure the order status changes.  If the order remains “delivered,” it means the revision request was not recorded correctly. 
  • Keep in mind that revisions must be requested within Five days of the delivery.  Otherwise, the order will be automatically marked as “completed.”